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Anyone can whip up marketing jargon and mediocre photos. It’s healthy to believe that our brand is one of the best, if not the best. Yet quite a lot of people feel the same way, so to do well in the race you should be different from your competitors. Get the content right and that’s it.

If that cousin of Dad’s has a nice camera, I’ve got lots of them. Photography is an ultimate instrumental sport. A hundred-dollar camera will take pictures, a thousand-dollar camera will probably do even more so. When the comma is moved up a notch and the first number is changed to three, the result will make really crushing results. Provided, of course, that you know how to use them…

I have had various cameras since 1982. At some point I got lucky and, to be honest, I think I worked pretty hard to get my foot in the door of the local newspaper. I actually became a magazine photographer back in ’83. Five years later, I shook hands with my first contributor to Vauhdin maailma -magazine. In other words, the same magazine, with which I had learned to read in the early 1970s! I have now been a key contributor to the VM for over 30 years. Along the way I have seen quite a few promising athletes from Tommi Mäkinen and Marcus Grönholm to Esapekka Lappi and Sami Pajari. I have worked for Hämeen Sanomat for almost as long, so for example I interviewed Olympic shooting sensation Eetu Kallio years ago when he was a successful junior in skeet.

Dreams have a way of coming true from time to time. For the last few years I’ve been working with the award-winning team at Tekniikan Maailma and with the excellent Duudsons, among others. Somewhere in the dark hours of the night, I also came up with a couple of photo books of old rally pictures and stories. The Ralli o’ reteetä -books are just the kind of stream of thought that is typical of me, where you can’t find statistics and chronological lists of history even with a magnifying glass. Instead of statistics, I like to tell stories, which I also like to do for my clients.


A good photo/series of photos can work wonders.

A beautiful product image sells the product more easily.


Event photography goes unnoticed with professional tools.

Videos produced with multi-camera technology are stunning.


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