Portrait photographs


It’s funny how much you see on company websites and advertisements where staff is photographed at different times and in different places. One has given a passport photo, another a real studio photo and then there’s everything in between. There might be even a selfie taken with a mobile phone. Yep.

Or then the gang is forced in front of a white wall for shooting. Based on the outcome, you can’t always be sure whether a group is wanted or in a minor panic for some other reason. All the same, the pictures easily give the impression that we are not quite in our comfort zone. That discomfort is also easily transmitted to the contacts with clients.

So be careful! If I had the power, I’d suggest either filming the whole staff in similar conditions with neat studio lighting and in a relaxed atmosphere or pulling the whole set into a kind of low-key extravaganza. Or take the group to a totally different setting. Well, yes, I’m just wondering here again…


in the environment (Hämeenlinna)

120 € (incl vat 24%)

in studio (Hämeenlinna)

100 € (incl vat 24%)

as agreed separately


Give your details so I can contact you asap. Tell your wishes in the message.


Jari Kohonen

+358 500 480 787



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